Oct 032012

NOTE:  All of our Japanese lessons involve specific situations such as a coffee shop, a graphic design company, etc., but the sentences and vocabulary you will learn are not limited to those specific situations.  We use the situations as a framework to help you learn more natural sounding sentence patterns as well as to make the lessons more interesting and fun.

In this Japanese lesson you’ll listen to a conversation between Steve and Tomoko who work at a graphic design company in Japan.  They’ve just received the wrong artwork from their client and discuss their options.

You will learn casual Japanese conversation by hearing and repeating sentence patterns.  Rather than memorizing boring vocabulary and conjugations, you’ll learn the way children learn their native language.

All of our Japanese lessons are designed to be stand-alone lessons.  You do not need to follow them in any particular order, nor do you have to have any previous experience with Japanese.  Just listen and repeat.

You will receive an MP3 file, compatible with any player.

At the bottom of the page you can find a sample of a few sections from this lesson.


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